2017 ” Artisan Jewels” Palazzo Giureconsulti di Milano

” Artisan Jewels” Palazzo Giureconsulti di Milano, Italy 23-26 Feb during Fashion week  

It has been a privilege to be invited to show in this exhibition of contemporary jewellery in the heart of Milan during fashion week 2017. 
I am enjoying developing new jewellery ideas; it feels so much different building the pieces fluidly now I am making full time. 

 As some readers may know, I often work as a chef living the double life to afford to make whatever I like rather than making popular things for a wide audience.  And have always felt cheffing feeds my art process as if all the small creations of food in all their balanced colours and the discipline that a chef must have helps my art practice. I have a lot to thank the restaurants that I have worked for, however recently I came to crossroads where I  needed to pick to be a carrier chef or a full-time artist as both were demanding my full attention. 
As I am sure most people know timing in life is something that is very special and the timing for me to be a full-time artist is perfect. I have my studio full of tools and set up nicely as well as regular art workshops i teach and a pile of commissions I just hadn't found the time for. 

My lovely Husband Tim was happy that I would leave the restaurant in the hopes that he would get cooked tasty delights at home. So I bravely gave my notice to the great crew I was working for at the Sherwood Restaurant, packed my knives, crocks and apron away and slept for a few days.
Once I took a look at my projects with a fresh eye, I realised how much tiny details get neglected by not giving each piece my full attention. I spent the first week sorting out my studio and fixing up my online mess.
Now I am in full swing just letting myself make and move on naturally. Stoking up the galleries that represent me. Thinking about how to approach the sustainable side of making for a show in fashion week and letting the universe provide opportunities. It feels like a dance, and it is most enjoyable.

Cooking at Sherwood on the outside BBQ during last summer with my Friend Libby Gordon jumping into play " Cooking Shows."

Enjoying having my jewellery in" Wunderuma" exhibition in the Auckland City Art Gallery last year with family friend Angela Thompson and Bowen Gallery Penney Moir