Brooch"Secret Bloom"2011
By Jessica Winchcombe
The Source Arts Mag issue451 Jan 2012
Written by Scott Kennedy

Queenstown contemporary art jeweller Jessica Winchcombe is no stranger to accolades or art openings. Her January show at The Front Room in Queenstown is her twelfth opening in as many months. This one is perhaps the closest to home - the other shows entertained art lovers in Sydney, Berlin,Amsterdam, Auckland and various other jetsetting destinations.

What sets the show apart is the focus. As apposed to the norm of a solo show, this exhibition features the work of five contemporary Jewellers (including Winchcombe). Taking the idea of group shows and turning it on its head, Winchcombe explores the idea of curation and how the presentation of the collection can add up to a sum greater than its parts.

Jessica has collaborated with her fellow artists to create a show that not only presents the jewellery in the best possible light, but also casts a natural ebb and flow within the collection.

Contemporary jewellery takes every conceivable idea of what you think jewellery can be and turns up the volume. This isn't the latest in engagement rings or beaded friendship bracelets. The cutting edge redefines what jewellery is, shining a light on the limitless potential of the art form.

Winchcombe and her contemporaries are at the forefront of their craft, not just on the national stage but on the world stage. For the local creative community this is the ideal opportunity to dip your toes into what's happening on the world stage, right here in Queenstown.

Be sure to pay a close eye to the Front Room Facebook page for updates on the artists, planned artists talks, workshops and other interactive elements to this show.