Collaboration works by Warwick Freeman and Jessica Winchcombe

Making with someone else is always a leap of faith. 
It is so interesting because both parties don't know how it will turn out. In 2013 Warwick and I made this piece together. 
It was our first collaboration, and we were unable to be in the studio together, So Warwick picked a piece from a museum for us to recreate in our way as a starting point. Although the finished product seems reasonably simple, it took us a long time and many conversations to reach the destination. IIn the end, we were happy just showed one piece in Object Space Gallery with the Handshake exhibition 2013.

Three years later and a pile of conversations and some studio time together. We are collaborating again and i am getting really excited with the works we are producing as a result  of being quite comfortable with each others ways of communication. There seems to be an easy confidence in the air as we explore new ideas and branch off our first piece to find new outcomes.

Earrings, Silver, hourse hair, silver beads 2016 collaboration pieces, exhibited in the Handshake "Specials" Exhibition in Munich Germany March 2016 Images by Paul Green